Full turnout for first Heritage Malta Passport Visa event

By April 30, 2019June 27th, 2019No Comments

All the four exclusive guided tours at Ta’ Kordin III Temples which were organized by Heritage Malta for those students who succeeded to get their first Heritage Malta Passport Visa were fully booked last Sunday, 28th April.

The students, each with two accompanying adults, had the opportunity to a free visit of the Neolithic Temples of Kordin III in Paola to learn about this intriguing site. Being the sole survivor among two other similar sites which were located in the area but were demolished in the past to make way for development, the site of Kordin III Temples has considerable significance. These temples are also interesting for their particular features, such as the stone-paved forecourt which is the best preserved in all the Maltese Islands’ megalithic temples, and the massive multiple quern which was discovered lying across the entrance to the left apse. The students were also invited to handle typical original artefacts which are usually discovered during an archaeological excavation.

The site of Kordin III Temples is not usually open to the public and can be visited by appointment. Due to the higħ demand of students who wished to attend to this exclusive activity, Heritage Malta will be organising a similar event for those students who have collected their first Heritage Malta Passport Visa. This special visa is issued to those students who collect ten stamps on their visits to ten different Heritage Malta sites and museums.