Introducing Heritage Malta Passport

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All students attending primary or secondary level education, whether they are state, independent or church schools, in Malta and Gozo, will receive the Heritage Malta card at their school. This card provides free unlimited access for one student and any two accompanying adults to all Heritage Malta sites and museums (except for ħal Saflieni Hypogeum). The card will remain valid till the end of Year 11 (Form 5) at the end of the last school term.

On their first visit to any Heritage Malta site or museum (except for Borħ in-Nadur, ħal Saflieni Hypogeum, Ta’ ħaħrat, Skorba and Gozo Nature Museum), students will collect their Heritage Malta passport and their first stamp. This passport will be stamped on every visit to any of the Heritage Malta locations.

Students should note that the different stamps on the Heritage Malta passport are collectable and will lead to benefits and gifts. When a student has collected 10 different stamps from 10 different locations, a Heritage Malta VISA will be issued for a one time free entry (for the passport holder and two accompanying adults) to a site which is not usually open to the public. Again on the collection of 10 more different stamps of 10 other different locations, two more VISAs will be issued for a one time free entry to two other sites which are not usually open to the public. The final collection of 27 stamps from 27 different locations gains a VISA for a one time free entry to ħal Saflieni Hypogeum for the student and one of the accompanying adults or if preferred, for a Heritage Malta exclusive gift pack.